Cover -Design by Jepson

Cover -Design by Jepson

Cover is designed by the man behind the label Designed by Jepson, mr. Mikael Jepson. He is, among many things, the famous guitarist from the pop-group The Ark. 

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Cover -Designed by Jepson

Together with the artist Mikael Jepson from The Ark, Hyllteknik has developed a design series that fits our existing shelving systems. Jepson finds his inspiration in the 50's, extra visuall on the brackets that are in metal thread. The name Cover comes with Mikael in a nice and functional way  wanted to cover the system's holes. The result became a decorative (cover) panel in sheet metal. By combining these in different colors you can build your own wall and create your own expression.

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The decor panel serves as a holder for the wire bracket designed for this concept. The bracket is clamped over the decor panel and has drops on the top that matches the pre-drilled shelves. You decide whether and where you want shelves. There are both straight and sloping shelves to choose from. In addition, it is possible to replace three panels for a whiteboard, painted in a special whiteboard colour.

Hyllteknik - a solid idea

Our ideas are yours. Hyllteknik in Alvesta has for over 60 years manufactured customized interior design systems for everything from the small office to the large warehouse in industrial premises. With a long experience, we tailor-make furniture that is designed directly according to your wishes. Contact us for more information about our furniture and various solutions, all carefully adapted to your space.