Hyllteknik was founded in 1957 by Leif Hedlund with the aim of developing and producing Sweden’s strongest and most flexible bracket and upright systems. Today Leif’s son Peter has taken the tradition further by developing Hyllteknik into a modern, technological and rational industrial business.

Our strength is that we have all the processes within the company, which makes us a strong supplier, but also a subcontractor which during recent years has become an important part of our business.

Constantly using modern technology is not just important but also fun  and a challenge in itself. Our products are traditional, but our manufacturing processes have developed over the course of time as new technology sees the light of day. Our goal is to be at the forefront in all areas.

Our products will withstand use in tough environments and maintain a constant high quality to function satisfactorily for many years. For us, quality is also feeling and efficiency in the assembly, so it is a key point when we develop new products. Many of our shelf systems have undergone quality testing, in which relevant environmental requirements are set. Information about testing standards and materials for each product is available in our document archives.

From a traditional point of view upright and bracket systems have not had any particularly exciting designs. Functionality and price have been the most important. During recent years we have tried to change that by offering a large range of colours and products with high design value without it costing that much more. It has been so successful that it will be a key feature in the development of new products. We are certain that our customers will appreciate it.