Below are our generel terms of sales & delivery.

Please contact us if you have any questions!


Below are our generel terms of sales & delivery.
Please contact us if you have any questions!

Sales Terms
All prices are in Euro. Our price list does not list all of our products and variants. If you prefer specific manufacturing in other sizes, colours, etc., please contact us. When ordering always state article number, colour and possible quotation number. All measurements are expressed in millimetres. Orders placed with measurements expressed otherwise will be delivered as above.
It is the responsibility of the customer/orderer to check that products, design, size and quantity on the order confirmation match the order placed. 

If nothing else is explicitly expressed, all quotations are valid during one (1) month from the date they are issued. However, Hyllteknik reserves the right to adjust quoted prices and terms if Hyllteknik’s production costs are affected by changed prices in raw material, oil, customs or other circumstances outside of Hyllteknik’s control.

Hyllteknik has the right to accept or decline from orders or part of orders outside a valid quotation.

Hyllteknik will charge a packaging/administrative- cost of  250 Euro net on orders below 100 Euro net.

Cancellation or possible changes of the standard range should happen within 24 hours from the time that Hyllteknik sent the Order Confirmation, this is not valid for Express-orders where we don’t accept cancellations nor changes. These terms do not apply to customized products. 

Cancellation and possible changes of accepted order should be made in writing to Hyllteknik. With incorrect orders, the customer is credited 80 % of the amount paid for the product (excluding delivery costs and packaging), given that the state of the product and packaging is returned in full good condition. The customer is responsible for the return freight costs. Products manufactured according to confirmed orders are deemed to be correctly produced and may not be repurchased.

Delivery and estimated delivery time
Unless the customer and Hyllteknik have agreed otherwise in writing, the products will be delivered Ex Works Hyllteknik’s warehouse, Alvesta, according to Incoterms 2010. Any added services, e.g. tail lift, Express services, Un-loading time, etc., are not included and will be charged for accordingly. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to inform their need of added services. 

Most of Hyllteknik’s products are stock articles and usually have a lead time of approximately 2-5 working days. Produced-to-order products and proucts that need assembly usually have a lead time of approximately 4-6 weeks. A separate delivery notification is given for larger or customized orders. Hyllteknik reserve the right to announce longer lead times on certain products.

Terms of payment
If nothing else is stated in writing, payment should be made thirty (30) days net. Packaging and pallets will be added to the invoice. A penalty interest on arrears of 18% is charged with effect from the due date. Value Added Tax is added to stated prices.

Hyllteknik reserves the owning right to the products until the full payment of the products has been made.

Claims/Arrival Control
Upon delivery, the customer should immediately control and document any transport damage or other faults. Any transport damage should be documented on the delivery note before signing and should also be reported in writing to Hyllteknik.

Other damage or exceptions should be reported to Hyllteknik at the latest seven (7) days from the date the goods were received. When reporting the transport damage, the customer should provide all the material and documentation Hyllteknik’s reasonably can demand to assess the damage. Any claims or returns should be approved by Hyllteknik beforehand.

Information to end consumer
The retailer is responsible for informing the end consumer of all relevant information about Hyllteknik’s products.

Warranty time & Spare parts
Hyllteknik undertakes the responsibility to correct any product faults through reparation or exchange that according to Hyllteknik’s judgement is due to flaws in material, production or construction. However, Hyllteknik are only responsible for faults where the complaint has been made in writing without lead time from the date when the fault was discovered or should have been discovered and at the latest two (2) years from the date of delivery.

Hyllteknik provides spare parts for all products for at least 10 years after the date of purchase.

Hyllteknik is not responsible for faults that have been caused by circumstances after the products have been delivered to the customer. Hyllteknik are also not responsible for faults that depend on the customer’s usage of the products in other ways than Hyllteknik’s instructions describe, normal wear, the customer’s usage of the products together with products from a third party or the customer’s modification of the products. The above states Hyllteknik’s complete responsibility for faults regarding the products.

Quality & Environment
Most of our products are quality and/or environment-labeled; in one or several ways.Visit our website www.hyllteknik.se/en in order to view an updated list of the products that are approved and what they are approved for. See the following document: Quality and Eco-labeled products.