Clothes storage rack, Holken

Rack for clothes storage with 300 mm compartments. Doors made of melamine with fold-in handle with stainless look. Anchor hooks made of cast aluminium, 2 per section as standard. Hook shelf in beech and birch melamine.

Holken can also be supplied in solid wood. The door then has an hole drilled through for opening. For price, please request a quote.

Supplied assembled.

Compatible with any shelf system.


Colour options


Available in standard colours

  • T1 White, glossy RAL 9016

  • T100 White texture, mat RAL 9010

  • T101 Light grey, mat RAL 7044

  • T102 Medium grey, mat RAL 7039

  • T103 Graphite grey, mat RAL 7022

  • T4 Black, mat RAL 9005

  • T9 Aluminium, metallic

  • T5 Metal texture, metallic

Available in additional colours

  • T104 Grey beige, mat RAL 1019

  • T8 Pine green, mat RAL 6028

  • T107 Ocean blue, mat RAL 5020

  • T108 Turqoise blue, mat RAL 5018

  • T105 Red orange, mat RAL 2001

  • T10 Bright red, glossy NCS S 1580 Y90R

  • T106 Rubin red, mat RAL 3003

  • T109 Violet, mat RAL 4007


Assembly instructions, warranties etc.