Littbus Steel

Littbus with open ends of steel is an economical base system, which still retains all the flexible features. The system can easily be retrofit with decorative panels, for example, glass, perforated metal, wood or sound absorber. The 25 mm thick steel frame can be powder coated zinc grey, white RAL 9010 or RAL 9007 grey as standard.

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Standard colours

  • T1 White, glossy RAL 9016

  • T38 Littbus White, mat RAL 9010

  • T101 Light grey, mat RAL 7044

  • T102 Medium grey, mat RAL 7039

  • T103 Graphite grey, mat RAL 7022

  • T4 Black, mat RAL 9005

  • T9 Aluminium, metallic

  • T36 Littbus Grey, metallic RAL 9007

Available in additional colours

  • T200 Yellow, mat RAL 1018

  • T104 Grey beige, mat RAL 1019

  • T106 Rubin red, mat RAL 3003

  • T201 Beige red, mat RAL 3012

  • T10 Littbus red, glossy RAL 3020

  • T109 Violet, mat RAL 4007

  • T204 Pigeon blue, mat RAL 5014

  • T108 Turqoise blue, mat RAL 5018

  • T107 Ocean blue, mat RAL 5020

  • T205 Reed green, mat RAL 6013

  • T8 Pine green, mat RAL 6028

  • T100 White structure, mat RAL 9010

  • T5 Metal structure, Metallic

  • T152 Black structure, mat RAL 9005

  • G Galv Fe/Zn

Other RAL Colours are available. Please contact us for further information

Zinc Grey White RAL 9010 Grey RAL 9007    



All Dimensions are in millimeters.
The height of the end panels do not include the feet which are minimum 25mm.
Thickness of the panels is 25 mm.

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