Flexibility permeates most of what we stand for. Assortment, production and customer service. Despite our name we develop more than just shelving systems Our broad basic assortment accommodates everything from flexible wall systems to ergonomic work tables. If you  wish we can create special solutions that comply with your ideas and needs. To ensure the highest possible quality and delivery security we handle the entire production ourselves, from tools to coating.

Our products provide the opportunity for customers to be flexible in their choice of shelving equipment. Only ceiling, floor and walls should set limits.

Since our inception in 1957 we have had our own tool manufacturing in order to effectively be able to produce our own products. Over time we have learned a lot and today with the aid of good CAD/CAM (Solid Works) and well-chosen machinery make a lot of advanced tools for rational production.

For our own production we have invested in a perforation machine for punching holes in closed tubes. This machine combined with the fact that we manufacture our own tools makes us cost effective as a subsupplier of perforated tubes. In addition, lead times become short and the quality high.

Our strength as a subcontractor is that we can do most things within tube and thin sheet processing ourselves without having to engage resources for coating, etc.