The library of the future demands the interiors of the future!

Scandinavia Bookshelf is a modular system where you combine two widths, two depths and four heights to exactly the shelf you need. Start with a free-standing Start-section and then build on with Plus-Sections. Of course, there are optional wheels to add and give you need to be able to quickly move the interiors and refurnish the room for new functions.

Scandinavia is a series of furniture for the complete library regardless of size, where we start from what we have around us - the wood from the forests and the steel from the mine. It is presented in a stripped-down and clean design expression where we rather let the media contained in the product take over.
High-pressure laminate from Perstorp / Formica is combined with an edging in oak and steel details in white and stainless steel - this is Scandinavia for us. Welcome home!