Special brackets

Special brackets

In our manufacturing, timeless shelf brackets are created with a long service life. Our products are developed with focus on functionality, flexibility and the good quality.

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Special brackets

Hyllteknik manufactures and supplies shelf brackets in several different colours and models. With our consoles you get a stable and structured layout of your storage. Create a flexible storage space that you can easily move or replace when you want a change on your storage device. Shelf consoles are a timeless and easy choice for hall systems, storage rooms or a workroom. The brackets are easy to mount when attaching a shelf that does not need to carry so much weight. In our range you will find shelf consoles that will help you get as much storage as possible with as little space as possible.

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In our range you will find durable brackets for wooden shelves, sheet shelves, wardrobe systems and other special consoles. We tailor our shelf consoles according to your wishes when it comes to shape, size and color. In our range we have all the accessories that may be needed for your storage. Hyllteknik has all the accessories like screw for brackets and screwdrivers for angular brackets. 

High quality shelf brackets

Hyllteknik products are developed with focus on functionality, flexibility and the good quality. In our range you will find a wide range of our products. We have all shades of shelf consoles based on customer needs. In our manufacturing, timeless products are created with a long service life. Shelf technology - a supportive idea 

Hyllteknik - a solid idea

Our ideas are yours. Hyllteknik in Alvesta has for over 60 years manufactured customized interior design systems for everything from the small office to the large warehouse in industrial premises. With a long experience, we tailor-make furniture that is designed directly according to your wishes. Contact us for more information about our furniture and various solutions, all carefully adapted to your space.

Hyllkonsoler av hög kvalité

Hylltekniks produkter utvecklas med fokus på funktion, flexibilitet och den goda kvaliteten. I vårt sortiment hittar du en stor bredd av våra produkter, vi har alla varianter av hyllkonsoler utifrån kundens behov. I vår tillverkning skapas tidlösa produkter med en lång livslängd.