Freestanding system

Freestanding system

When you don´t have  enough walls or the weights are so high that you want a relief to the floor, the Hyllteknik L- and T stand is a simple and extremely strong solution.

Freestanding system

Hylltekniks Freestanding system consists of two models, where the rack is shaped like an L or an up-side-down T. In addition to being used as storage the L- and T stands can also act as room dividers. The system can be supplied with sound absorbents coated with textiles or panels in melamine-coated chipboard. The T-rack can be fitted with wheels for greater flexibility and ease of cleaning. The depth is produced according to what kind of interiors you order.

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Customize your layout by shaping your storage as efficient as possible. All space is important and a structured storage is very grateful for tight spaces today. Hyllteknik produces practical shelf systems in all colours and shapes, choose how you want your shelf system to be assembled. In our range you will find permanent wall systems, flexible systems, stand-alone shelving systems, cabinet fixtures, storage compartments, stepless wall systems, C-box systems and ceiling and floor systems. Choose what suits your layout best and customize your interiors for as optimal storage as possible. 

Shelf systems for an organized storage

Our storage system helps you to create an order in your office, in the lockroom or in your open premises. Find your own combination of storage systems that create customized storage just for your layout. To combine your optimal shelf system we have accessories such as screws, support feet, brackets, rails, hooks and various suspension brackets. With the right accessories, your storage will be most useful. 

Hyllteknik - a solid idea

Our ideas are yours. Hyllteknik in Alvesta has for over 60 years manufactured customized interior design systems for everything from the small office to the large warehouse in industrial premises. With a long experience, we tailor-make furniture that is designed directly according to your wishes. Contact us for more information about our furniture and various solutions, all carefully adapted to your space.

Hyllsystem för en organiserad förvaring

Våra förvaringssystem hjälper dig att skapa en ordning på ditt kontor, i kapprummet eller i dina öppna lokaler. Hitta din egna kombination av förvaringssystem som skapar en skräddarsydd förvaring just för dina ytor. För att kombinera ditt optimala hyllsystem har vi tillbehören såsom skruvar, stödfötter, konsoler, skenor, krokar och olika upphängningsbeslag. Med rätt tillbehör blir din förvaring som mest användbar