Wooden shelves

Wooden shelves

Wood is not only beautiful but also a strong and circular material.Hyllteknik supplies several different models of wooden shelves and table tops for all types of applications and our range meets most storage needs.

Wooden shelves can be selected in several designs and can either be attached to a bracket or shelf end, which in turn is mounted on one of our many shelf systems.

Be smart and order table tops in the same material and designs - one deliverie saves on both the environment, economy, shorten the lead times and gives the end customer extra security.

Wooden shelves and table tops

Hyllteknik allows you as a customer to decide what is best for your project. It can be anything from laminate-coated to massive or vanered shelves.

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Hyllteknik - a solid idea

Our ideas are yours. Hyllteknik in Alvesta has for over 60 years manufactured customized interior design systems for everything from the small office to the large warehouse in industrial premises. With a long experience, we tailor-make furniture that is designed directly according to your wishes. Contact us for more information about our furniture and various solutions, all carefully adapted to your space.

Våra varianter

Melaminbelagd spån, HPL, fanér, lackad MDF eller massivt trä är varianter vi erbjuder ur vårt breda sortiment. I sortimentet finner ni även kompletta trähyllplan med gavel och bakkantslist, lutande hyllor samt utdragshyllplan.

Tillbehör till trähyllplan

I vårt sortiment finns alla tillbehör för att du ska kunna fästa upp dina hyllplan som skruvar, konsoler och upphängningsbeslag. Komplettera våra hyllor med ett bokstöd för att få en bättre struktur på hyllans innehåll.